Monday, April 21, 2008

New Year ....fresh start

A Happy New Gardening Year to ALL!!! I figured that the blog needed a women's twist .. lol My name is Tracey and have taken over the blog for Michael as he is busy with the photography site. I hope that you walk thru the garden site and enjoy the new additions. We have been combining gardens ... mine mostly comprise of daylilies and roses. So it is becoming one very full garden strategically placing our precious plants. Looking at the garden these past few days I think even they are ready to start growing. Ok I am off to polish my shovels ... happy growing!!!!

Warning for all!!!

Oh yes just to let everyone know we have been finding LILY BEETLES already!!!!!!! Keep a close watch in your gardens.. if you are not sure what they look like, Michael has some pictures on his Lily Pest page in the website.