Thursday, September 26, 2013

10 ways to make Boring Canopy Covers Amazing

Having a party outside means jazzing up the whole garden, and this can be a serious issue when it comes to your plain canopy covers. Although some covers can be quite decorative, with stripes or flowers, the majority are white or green, and look very much like building site cover sheets. Decorating them in a way that makes them seem attractive, rather than tacky, can be difficult, but with careful consideration, there are some ways that you can liven up your boring canopies.

1) Add Color
If your plain canopy covers are a single uniform color, then you may want to change things around by adding splashes of paint or dye. Some canopies are cloth, and this material is ideal for dying. If you are having a themed party, then a single color might do, but you can also use tie-die, spotting or stripes to great effect.

2) Use Lights
If you don't want to change the appearance of the canvas itself, then one alternative is to use lights, carefully positioned, in order to create a dramatic effect. On a white canvas background, different colors of lights such as green, blue or yellow, will show up really well, and can turn a very ordinary sheet of canvas into something exciting and interesting.

3) Change the Shape of the Canvas
Another alternative is to try and change the shape of the canvas. This can be done by scrunching up the canopy, and then tying it in the middle, either just by knotting the fabric, or using a length of material to hold it together. The edges of the canvas can then be fanned out, creating a very dramatic impression.

4) Add more Canvas
Although a white sheet might look plain by itself, adding more material to it can change its appearance. A light material such as cotton can be draped around the edges of the canopy, and then fanned down to the ground. Adding cotton around the entire edge of the canvas will create an exotic theme.

5) Use streamers
As an alternative to decorating the outside of the canopy, the inside offers plenty of scope for decoration. Streamers can either be made from paper, and these are easily bought from the store or hand-crafted, or they are coated with plastic, which catches the light. The latter are the more expensive option.

6) Use necklace garlands
Many wedding shops sell streamers which are made from small plastic beads which are strung onto a plastic thread. These look good when hung from the canopy ceiling, particularly with lights making them shine like real jewels.

7) Use Flowers
Go back to nature with chains of flowers strung along the sides of the canopy, or at the top. Flowers can be chosen to match a color scheme, or picked because they match other themes for the party. If you want to decorate the canvas permanently, then plastic or material flowers are a great alternative.

8) Use cotton scarves or ribbons
Scarves and ribbons hung around the canopy can look attractive, particularly when the wind catches them, and they start floating out to the sides of the structure.

9) Add ornaments
You can decorate the edges and tops of the canvas by using ornamentation. This might include charms, small key-ring figures, or statues at the bottom of the structure.

10) Combine the Elements
The best way to decorate a canvas is to use several of the ways mentioned here. Combine jewels and lights, for example, or flowers and beads. Alternatively, buy less plain canopy covers from YescomUSA.

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