Monday, April 28, 2008

I can hardly wait....worse than a kid in the candy shop

Seeing all the garden starting to transform one can't help but start checking out some nurseries. I always like to have some herbs and tomotoes every year so thus my mission. I have always enjoyed the yellow tomotoes as they are less acidic. Of course I have to have Sweet Millions (Cherry Tomatoes) to pop in your mouth as a snack. Tomatoes like to be planted in the same spot year after year and I have had great success in doing that.

Different soil types will behave differently so one vital tool for the serious gardener is a tester for acidity levels. You can also judge the acidity of the soil by the types of weeds that grow and their behavior.

I like to use Dolomite Lime to bring the soil pH up closer to neutral. This can be purchased from most nurseries. Dolomite Lime naturalizes the condition of the soil, neutralizes acid soils and provides available calcium and magnesium. This is good for not only tomatoes, but also for lawns and garden vegetables.

My mom used to do alot of companion planting so in turn I have always planted basil, any kind will do, as they seem to thrive off each other. Planting garlic in between the plants protects them from red spider mites as well. Companion planting is another interesting topic to cover and I would love to give more information on it in another blog entry.

If you smoke, it is a good thing to wash your hands before gardening. Tomatoes and many other plants are susceptible to diseases transmitted through tobacco (ex. Tobacco Mosaic Virus).

Well I have my tomato plants just waiting for better weather...... yes I know patience is a virtue.

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