Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Can't miss the Tulip Festival...

For those who are not familiar with the Tulip Festival I though I would give some information on how it all began:

The Canadian Tulip Festival has grown into the largest Tulip Festival in the world from a gift of International Friendship given six decades ago.

In the fall of 1945, Princess Juliana of the Netherlands presented Ottawa with 100,000 tulip bulbs. The gift was given in appreciation of the safe haven that members of Holland's exiled royal family received during the Second World War in Ottawa and in recognition of the role which Canadian troops played in the liberation of the Netherlands.

The first Canadian Tulip Festival was held in 1953. The Ottawa Board of Trade, at the suggestion of world-renowned photographer Malak Karsh whose photographs have immortalized the tulip, formalized the Canadian Tulip Festival to coincide with the tulip's annual bloom. In the next 10 years the Festival grew in size, with a staggering display of over two million flowers.

I spent walking around yesterday as it seemed to be a great day to view what was in bloom. There are still many that are yet to open, but I thought I would share some of my photos with you.

For more Tulip photographs go to Michael's Photography website. The address is www.mtcmediaproductions.com

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AwengMoralBasco said...

Wow! The the photos are beautiful.

I have not yet seen such festival but it sure does sound interesting.

It'll sure get a lot of ooohhhs and aaahhhs out of me.

I love flowers, just as I love most other beautiful things...